Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

Do not wet your lashes for at least 12 hours after application; 24 to 48 hours would be ideal as it gives adhesive enough time to fully dry and create strong attachment between natural hair and extension. When taking shower, you can place a dry washcloth over your eyes to protect it from water.

After 48 hours it is ok to wet your lashes, however, it is very important to use oil free makeup and makeup removers. Many cosmetic brands contain chemicals and oils that may dissolve the adhesion. Always use oil free makeup and makeup removers when you have lash extensions.

Do not rub or use scrub on the area around the eyes. By rubbing or scrubbing we can accidentally pull the extension with the natural lash, therefore, create damage to the natural lashes.

Avoid extreme variations of heat and humidity ( use of sauna ), swimming after at least 24 hours can be resumed

Be careful when changing clothes.

Do not use cotton. Try to avoid cotton makeup remover pads and cotton balls as parts of it might stay on the lash.

Do not brush the eyelash extensions when they are wet. Water adds extra weight to hair, when brushing lashes wet you might accidentally pull them.

Never attempt to remove eyelash extensions or add more hairs by yourself, you are likely to damage your natural lashes hairs or glue them together.

Please remember that natural eyelash cycle is approximately 90-100 days, it is absolutely normal for natural lashes to fall out at the end of their cycle. It allows new hairs to grow in their place. So don’t be afraid if you see an extensions fall out with your natural lash, that lash was probably at the end of it’s cycle. Most eyelash extensions can last through entire cycle of  natural lash  if the above guidelines are followed. Eyelash extensions are absolutely safe when applied by licensed and trained professional who uses quality products.