Nadia Afanaseva’s 2020 mantras

Find the key to success this year -- whether you are in the beauty industry or not -- with help from Eye Design founder and CEO Nadia Afanaseva. Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is big on personal growth! She believes in constant development...

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The answers to Nadia Afanaseva’s most-asked questions

Get all the scoop on Eye Design's coveted permanent, semi-permanent and temporary beauty treatments directly from our leader Nadia! When you are ready to make an appointment for yourself, you can give us a call or request more information. Eye Design’s founder and...

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There are more than 5 ways to style Kim’s Effect

Kim's Effect is the hottest way to wear eyelash extensions in the beauty industry, but did you know there are countless ways to style this one technique? Eye Design's CEO Nadia Afanaseva is credited with bringing Russian Volume lash techniques to the United States....

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Permanent brows for extreme hair loss

Are you suffering from extreme hair loss? Nadia Afanaseva and her team at Eye Design New York have the best permanent brow solution! Check out the results on Nadia's recent client with bare brows and learn more about our life-changing technique. Powder Strokes is Eye...

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Become an Eye Design model + experience our work for free!

Models play a vital role in everything we do at Eye Design! To show our appreciation for those who participate, Eye Design offers complimentary services (worth up to $1,600). To learn more about being a model for brows, lashes and beyond, keep reading and discover all...

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