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Waking up beautiful and put together is a dream of every woman. This dream became a reality with permanent makeup. No wonder cosmetic tattooing is a fast growing part of beauty and health industry. When performed by professional permanent makeup can visually diminish natural flaws such as asymmetrical features and discoloration. Permanent eyeliner or lip color looks more natural than regular makeup. Permanent makeup is ideal for people with active lifestyle, athletes, and those who have personal limitation like bad vision or those who suffer from Alzhaimer’s or Parkinson disease. This procedure is a great solution for everyday busy women and frequent travelers. Imagine how great it would be not to ever worry that the makeup will run
or stain the outfit.


  • Minimum pain & discomfort
  • Quicker recovery after procedure
  • Results last 1-3 years
  • No bleeding
  • Hypoallergenic & safe for sensitive skin
  • Not a tattoo, designed to fade

Powder Effect (Microshading)

Powder Effect (Microshading) – is a new “megapixel technique” recommended for people with oily skin and those who try to achieve fashionable powder (Microshading) eyebrow makeup effect. The powder (Microshading) method involves the application of thousands of tiny little dots of pigment, inserted into the skin, gradually building up a color and a defined shape.This treatment is performed with #1 permanent makeup machine and a special needle that only touches the top layer of the skin. The result last from 1-3 years.

  • Fashionable makeup effect
  • Perfect for oily skin
  • Can be used to cover old permanent brows
  • Lasting effect


Eyebrow Microblading + Powder Effect (Microshading)

Eyebrow Microblading + Powder Effect (Microshading) – this treatment combined both manual microblading techniques as well as powder effect (Microshading). It is ideal for people who have no natural eyebrows and those who simply wants to add more definition to their brows, add an arch. This method allows to create an illusion of both natural eyebrows hairs and brow powder (Microshading) application.


  • Hyper realistic results
  • Allows to recreate lost eyebrow
  • Combination of microblading and powder effect (Microshading)
  • Fashionable and natural looking effect

Lips Permanent Makeup

Lips Permanent Makeup treatment allows to enhance the beauty of natural lips or correct asymmetry, add definition and fullness. With the help of permanent makeup it is possible to de-emphasize age lines around lips and correct fading color of the lips that is always associated with aging. The color is customized for every client, therefore, you can be sure to achieve desired effect.


  • Correct asymmetry
  • Add definition and fullness
  • De-emphasize age lines
  • Correct color

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner Permanent Makeup is recommended for clients who wear pencil or liquid eyeliner daily and would like to save time on applying it. One of the greatest advantages of permanent eyeliner is that it will never run and always have a beautiful shape that is professionally drawn. Permanent eyeliner can be applied on either lower or upper line or both.


  • No need to use liquid eyeliners
  • No running of the color
  • Customized shape and color
  • Can be applied on top or bottom lines

Lash Effect

Lash Effect permanent makeup is ideal for people who would like to enhance their lash line and create an appearance of fuller lashes. This treatment is ideal for people with light, sparse natural lashes as it allows to achieve fuller look. This effect is also recommended for clients who wear eyelash extensions and do not wish to get frequent refills.


  • Fuller lashes effect
  • Less refills
  • Natural looking
  • Customized color

Meet Our Team of Experts

NADIA AFANASEVA – Master Technician

Founder and Master Technician at Eye Design New York

Beauty Competition Judge of Honor

Speaker and Coach

Celebrity Instagram Influencer

Multiple Beauty Competition Winner

Certified Trainer

PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading, Eyelash Extesions

10+ years

Work experience

30 Certificates

Permanent Makeup / Microblading / Brow Tinting Certified

3 State Cosmetology and Permanent Makeup Licenced

New York State / California State / Florida State

PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading $2000.00
Initial procedure (Consultation + Drawing + Numbing + Procedure)
PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading $500.00
Touch up (in case if need it)

Nadia’s Portfolio

Christina – PMU Technician

4+ years

Work experience

5 certificates

PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading

Lincenced in California

PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading $590.00
Initial procedure (Consultation + Drawing + Numbing + Procedure)
PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading $200.00
Touch up (in case if need it)

Christina’s portfolio

LARISA – PMU & Eyelash Extension Technician

10+ years

Work experience

10 Certificates

PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading, Eyelash extensions,
Volume lash extensions, Kim effect, Lash lift, Laser removal

Lincenced in California

Eyelash extensions $200.00
Initial procedure (Consultation + Procedure)
PMU, Lips, Eyeliner, Nanoblading, Microblading $590.00
Initial procedure (Consultation + Drawing + Numbing + Procedure)

Old Permanent Makeup Correction

Old Permanent Makeup Correction – this service is ideal for clients who had permanent makeup before but would like to correct the shape, color or overall improve appearance of their lips, eyeliner or eyebrows. Technician often uses both color adjustment and shape correction methods during this treatment: Color adjustment technique is used when the shape of the eyebrow, eyeliner, or lip liner tattoo is appropriate for the client but the color is poor such as orange, blue, or purple. A corrective pigment color is implanted over the faded makeup to neutralize it toward a more natural shade Shape correction is used to improve symmetry or balance of uneven permanent lips, eyeliner or eyebrow

Permanent makeup benefits

So what is permanent makeup ? Cosmetic tattooing or micropigmintation is a science and an art  of applying color under outer layer of the skin ( dermis). When done by a professional, procedure is absolutely safe and will not cause any reactions. At Eye Design Studio average appointment takes 2-3 hrs per area. We allow extra time for our skillful technicians and artists to discuss clients needs, make them comfortable with the procedure and suggest best suitable colors and application.  Eye Design studio uses non-toxic, hypoallergenic ink made from mineral origins.

Yelp Reviews

So I just moved from Hawaii and needed to find a new lash lady. After getting my lashes destroyed by a previous salon (horrible isolation and thick messy glue) during my search in the city, I decided to do some actual research and find a salon with someone who has great knowledge of volume lashes. And so, thanks Yelp for helping me find Nadia!!! haha Nadia is definitely much more than your ordinary lash technician. She’s an artist. My lashes came out sooooo full, long, and natural-looking!! She was able to remove my botched lashes and make them beautiful again within less than 2 hours. She’s sweet, super gentle (I fell asleep during the procedure) and very meticulous, as other are saying. 100% recommend!


EYEBROW POWDER EFFECT (Microshading) $1600
EYEBROW POWDER EFFECT (Microshading) $1600
POWDER EFFECT (Microshading) CORRECTION $500-1500

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Mike Grachkov

Co-Founder & CEO of Eye Design New York
Founder and CEO of Eye Design Store



  • Serial entrepreneur
  • 17 years in business, 10 years in the Beauty industry
  • Build Eye Design New York Brand from $0 to $3m in revenue in just 3 years
  • Build Eye Design Store from 0 items to 40000+ inventory under private label
  • Expert in Branding & Advertising, Funnel Building
  • Expert in Beauty Product Development
  • Private Coach, Mentor, and Consultant
  • Investor and Private Business Club Board member

Meet the eye design New York founders


Nadia Afanaseva

Founder and master technician



  • More than 10 years in beauty industry
  • Founder of 3 Luxury Beauty Studios in New York, Miami, Los Angeles
  • Judge of International Beauty Competition
  • 3 state Licensed  
  • Taught more Than 5000 Students

Mike Grachkov

Co-Founder & CEO of Eye Design New York Founder and CEO of Eye Design Store



  • Entrepreneur & Business Mentor with 20 years of expertise
  • 12 years refining marketing and branding in the Beauty industry
  • Built Eye Design New York into a brand with revenues exceeding $25 million
  • Expanded Eye Design Store from zero to 40,000+ items under private label
  • Expert in Branding, Advertising, Funnel Building
  • investor and board member of an exclusive business club
  • Offers tailored coaching, mentoring, and consulting services
  • Need a roadmap to a multi-million dollar business?
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Magic Johnson's family

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Innovative solution for sparse, over plucked and overwaxed eyebrows. Lasting results.


Innovative Ombre/Powder Effect semi-permanent brow solution that enhance and defines the natural brow shape.


Innovative solution for sparse, over plucked and overwaxed eyebrows. Lasting results.


Ideal for women who want to wake up beautiful
every morning!


Top quality eyelash extensions, customized volume, color and effects for every client.


Amazing permanent eyeliner that stays in place for 1 year or longer and never smudges!