As our company grows, we are thrilled to offer new classes for Eye Design University students — and with that comes the need for live-demo models! Are you interested in participating in our Permanent Makeup Masterclass next month? Keep reading to learn more!

Eye Design’s first-ever Permanent Makeup Masterclass will take place shortly after the new year begins; and what better way to start 2020 than with a new look from New York City’s top PMU studio?

Written and led by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s Permanent Makeup Masterclass is a four-day intensive training workshop for beauty professionals (and aspiring beauty professionals). The course will cover Powder Effect (Eye Design’s exclusive ombré technique for brows), permanent lip makeup and permanent eyeliner — and yes, we will need live-demo models for for all three techniques!

Using a small machine tool, all of Eye Design’s permanent makeup techniques are safe and effective.

Powder Effect: Tuesday, January 14

Our exclusive ombré technique enhances the brows using pin-dot pigment application. It is extremely gentle and heals beautifully on all skin tones and skin types.

Powder Effect is best suited for clients with medium to full natural eyebrow hair because of the way it shapes, defines and volumizes the brows. (Those with over-plucked, over-waxed or naturally sparse brows should opt for microblading or a combination of microblading and Powder Effect instead.)

The goal of Powder Effect is to create a shaded gradient look — similar to one that you would achieve at home with traditional makeup products. While we will not be including microblading at our Permanent Makeup Masterclass, our live-demo models can choose to add hair strokes during their touch-up appointment.

Permanent Lip Makeup: Wednesday, January 15

With the same pin-dot pigment application method as our Powder Effect, Eye Design’s Permanent Lip Makeup treatment enhances and defines the lips while adding a beautiful wash of color! It is quickly becoming one of our studio’s most popular services.

We have three basic styles of pigment application to choose from in terms of Permanent Lip Makeup: Soft Outline, Defined Outline and Ombré. Whichever style you choose depends on the type of look you want to achieve!

Soft Outline is a great option for those who want to visually volumize their lips or those who want to achieve the look of their favorite everyday lip color — without constant babysitting or reapplying! It is also suitable for clients who want to recreate the color their lips once had, as lips natural pigment tends to fade with age.

Defined Outline is ideal for older clients who want to create the appearance of a stronger shape because lips commonly lose their natural definition as we age. While a darker pigment shade is applied around the lip line, a lighter pigment is applied throughout the entire lip for gorgeous and cohesive results.

Ombré is Eye Design’s newest Permanent Lip Makeup style and is similar to our Defined Outline Option. A Darker Pigment shade is applied around the lip line while a lighter pigment shade is applied throughout the entire lip — but, it is done in a way that creates a stunning gradient and a more subtle finish.

Permanent Eyeliner: Thursday, January 16

Similarly, our studio has three pigment application styles for Permanent Eyeliner treatments. Clients and models can opt for a classic liner look (with or without a wing) or a soft-shaded liner look (again, with or without a wing).

Perhaps the most innovative of our eyeliner procedures is the Lash Line Enhancement. Nadia is a huge fan of this technique and even has it done on her own eyes! During the treatment, pigment is applied directly along the lash line to create the appearance of fuller lashes. It is a life-changing technique for those with naturally sparse eyelashes, as well as clients who wear lash extensions and would like to wait longer between refills.

Which treatment will you choose? For more information on becoming a live-demon model during Eye Design’s Permanent Makeup Masterclass, visit @nadia_afanaseva on Instagram!