Keep your brows in line with Eye Design’s new laminating treatment! Gorgeous groomed eyebrows last 8 weeks with our safe and effective Brow Lamination.

Eye Design’s new Brow Lamination procedure is available in our Fifth Avenue studio and we are completely obsessed with the results! It is a quick and painless process that grooms the brows for a fresh lifted look that lasts 8 weeks.

Brow Lamination involves a gentle chemical solution to lock your natural hairs in place. Eye Design uses only the best tools and supplies to ensure all of our clients remain safe throughout their procedures and beyond. We have a brow solution for every type of client, even those with sensitive skin!

Specifically, Brow Lamination is a brightening and eye-opening treatment that is suitable for those with medium to full natural eyebrow hair. Plus, it is the most affordable brow treatment at the Eye Design studio!

For many women, eyebrow gel is a must-have. But what if you could forget about it for eight weeks? Eye Design’s Brow Lamination treatment is the ultimate eyebrow tamer! 

The technicians at our studio offer two options for Brow Lamination. It is up to you to decide what type of look you would like! If you are unsure, your technician is ultra-experienced and can recommend what would be best for you as an individual.

  1. Brow Lamination + Shaping with pencil: During this process, Eye Design’s technicians shape the brows with gentle tweezing, then add our Brow Pencil for a more dramatic and defined look. This is an ideal option for those seeking an immediate (and temporary!) solution on the day of a big event.
  2. Brow Lamination + Shaping with tinting: When you opt for tinting, our team adds temporary dye that lasts 4 to 6 weeks to the skin, as well as the natural brow hairs. It is a completely customizable solution that is perfect for every day as well as special events and vacations! Of course, tinting takes place after gentle tweezing to ensure all clients receive a beautiful shape.

All of Eye Design’s treatments include a personalized consultation so that you can discuss your desired results with our expert artists. Just like our permanent brow procedures (microblading and Powder Effect), Brow Lamination clients will go through a thorough drawing process to ensure their new look will work in perfect harmony with the rest of their facial features. Eye Design always takes your personal preferences into consideration before getting to work!

Eyebrow Lamination is only one of the many ways you can transform your face (and your life) and Eye Design! It can be done on its own or after your microblading/Powder Effect has healed to keep the natural hairs looking neat. Brow Lamination + Tinting is a wonderful option for those with blonde, light/medium brown or gray hair that want a bolder look. There is no need for makeup when you trust your brows to the highly skilled technicians at Eye Design.

Want to learn more about our Brow Lamination procedure? Are you ready to book an appointment with us? Give our studio a call at (917) 300-0317! Our friendly and informed staff is available to assist you seven days a week: Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.