Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is credited with bringing Russian Volume lash techniques to the United States. Today, she shares her expert advice for healthy natural eyelashes and long-lasting lash extensions with the entire Eye Design community! Keep reading to learn more.

Strong and healthy natural lashes are necessary for the most beautiful and long-lasting eyelash extensions.

Our studioโ€™s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva always recommends that our clients carefully wash their lashes and extensions every single day to rid them of oil, dirt and debris that can weaken the natural lash itself, as well as loosen the bond between the adhesive and the lash extension(s).

Using warm water and a mild cleanser on your eyelashes and extensions gently removes dirt and debris that can become caught on soft surfaces and tug at your natural lashes. You should never attempt to remove dirt or debris with your hands or with tweezers! This can cause serious damage to your natural eyelashes while shortening the lifespan of your lash extensions. (Plus, you run the risk of bringing that dirt and debris into your eyes themselves, which can result in irritation and infection.)

Do you follow Nadia on Instagram @nadia_afanaseva? Recently, Nadia shared with her followers an important tip:

Myth: Washing your eyelash extensions causes them to fall off more quickly.

Truth: Washing your eyelash extensions strengthens the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash, allowing for the longest-lasting results possible.

Additionally, when you have eyelash extensions, it can be difficult to remember that you must be extremely cautious when pulling tops and dresses over your head. This is especially true for first-time lash wearers, as they are more likely to forget this important step in their routine!

Every time you get dressed or undressed, take into consideration your lashes and lash extensions. You should always avoid any type of pulling or tugging at your lash extensions, as well as your natural lashes.

Nadia also encourages clients who are interested in eyelash extensions to be mindful of the artists and the studios they visit. Many artists do not correctly apply eyelash extensions and similarly, many studios do not practice proper application techniques.

Eye Designโ€™s expert lash artists, who are all trained by Nadia personally, apply at least one lash extensions to every natural lash. For this reason, lash extensions from Eye Design last twice as long or longer than lashes from other studios!

Myth: A full set of eyelash extensions should last approximately two weeks.

Truth: When a full set is applied correctly, eyelash extensions should last four to six weeks with proper aftercare.

When you wear eyelash extensions, note that you should never add mascara or falsies on top! Eyelash extensions that are done properly will make you forget about your favorite mascara and/or falsies, but an improper lash set often leaves you wanting more. You may take it upon yourself to combine the extensions with an at-home fix, but this is not the right answer!

Mascara wands loaded with the product can seriously tug at your eyelash extensions, ripping them off during the process. (And there is a good chance the extensions will take the natural lash with it every time.) Not to mention, removing the mascara from your lash extensions can cause them to fall off, as well.

The adhesive used to apply false eyelashes is extremely strong and should always be used with caution, even by the most advanced makeup artists. This adhesive can cause up to 15 of your natural eyelashes to stick together, and when you have lash extensions, it can cause even more damage.

Myth: It is safe to apply mascara or falsies over eyelash extensions.

Truth: Eye Design does not recommend applying mascara or falsies over lash extensions.

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