While clients always leave Eye Design’s studio with beautiful brows, the *real* results are visible four to six weeks after the initial treatment. Interested in seeing how our exclusive Powder Strokes look after the healing process? Keep reading!

Earlier this year Eye Design introduced you to our newest permanent brow solution: Powder Strokes by Nadia Afanaseva.

Before its launch in our Fifth Avenue studio, Nadia tested this life-changing technique on artificial skin and live models. Then, we brought it to our menu of services for real clients–and Eye Design clients have been loving it as much as we do!

Since its launch several months ago, many of Nadia’s clients have opted for Powder Strokes as opposed to traditional microblading. It is the most innovative option when it comes to permanent makeup because of its versatility. In fact, results from Eye Design’s Powder Strokes technique can be as soft and subtle or as sharp and crisp as the client prefers. At our studio, all clients are treated as individuals.

The sharpness of the hair strokes may also differ based on the client’s skin type. For example, our expert technicians recommend soft, powdery strokes for clients with oily skin and crisp hair strokes for clients with dry skin. We make these adjustments based on skin type to promote beautiful healing! Almost any artist can create hair strokes that look hyper-realistic immediately following the treatment, but it takes a true professional to produce true-to-life brows after the healing process.

Eye Design’s team can go on all day about how amazing our technicians are, but we would rather show you the results — especially the results four to six weeks after the healing process!

While approximately 90 percent of clients require a touch-up after the healing process (between 0 and 3 months) in order to perfect the look and increase the longevity of the results, Eye Design microblading, Powder Effect and Powder Stroke brows are beautiful from the moment you first leave our studio.

(Although all of our technicians are experts with years of experience, it is impossible to determine how each individual’s skin may heal from client to client. There are certain dead giveaways — such as oily skin versus dry skin — but some clients may have skin that is completely unpredictable, even for the best of the best technicians.)

Check out the results from Master Technician Nadia’s client using the Powder Strokes technique! This client came to Eye Design with absolutely no brow hair and was looking for complete brow restoration. After one month, the hair-like strokes healed with a crisp, true-to-life finish. 

At her touch-up four to six weeks later, the client opted to add a little Powder Effect (in addition to amping up her Powder Strokes). Powder Effect uses pin-dot pigment application to give the client a gradient shaded makeup appearance. When placed between hair strokes, Powder Effect softens the contrast between the skin and the applied hair strokes. It also adds volume and definition to the brows for a fuller, stronger look overall. (Microblading and Powder Stroke clients can always choose to add Powder Effect at any of their touch-up appointments.)

Are you as impressed by Nadia’s work as we are? Book your microblading/Powder Effect/Powder Strokes or touch-up now! Remember, we always encourage a touch-up 4 to 6 weeks from your initial treatment to ensure the results last as long as possible.

Call or text the Eye Design studio at (917) 300-0317 to make an appointment with us!