Recently, Eye Design welcomed a new technician to our Fifth Avenue family! For a limited time only, all lash clients who book a full set will save 20% on their appointments with Aiperi, the latest addition to our team of experts. Act fast before this deal runs out!

Eye Design’s Fifth Avenue studio just welcomed a new lash artist to our team of technicians. Meet Aiperi!

For a limited time, all clients (both new and returning!) can enjoy her amazing eyelash extension services at 20-percent off! Aiperi was personally trained by Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, a celebrity lash and brow artist with an international cult following.

Aiperi herself has years of experiences and of course, she meets Eye Design’s highest standards for beautiful, high-quality results! When you book an appointment with her, we promise you will leave our studio with the same Eye Design results you already know and love. (If you have never visited us before, this exclusive promotion is the perfect time to try our jaw-dropping lash extensions!)

Currently, Aiperi is welcoming clients for both Classic and Russian Volume lashes. She offers:

  • The Natural Set
  • The Glamour Set
  • The Dramatic Set

The Natural Set

During the Natural Set, our technicians apply two to three eyelash extensions to every single one of the client’s real lashes. The Natural Set is perfect for those who prefer no makeup (or “no makeup” makeup), as well as first-time lash wearers.

The Glamour Set

A step above the Natural Set, Eye Design’s Glamour Set involves four to five eyelash extensions per every real lash. It is a great option for those who usually wear mascara because it looks beautiful with any type of makeup!

The Dramatic Set

Our most voluminous option, the Dramatic Set calls for six or seven eyelash extensions per every real lash. We recommend the Dramatic Set for special events, especially those that involve professional photography and/or videography.

No matter which volume set you choose, Aiperi can create a personalized look that you will love! Both Classic and Russian Volume lash sets are customizable. All of Eye Design’s expert technicians (including Aiperi) underwent extensive training for more than 10 types of specialized lash styles. Whether you prefer a popular style (like Cat, Doll or Round) or more advanced styles (such as Honeybee or Squirrel) Aiperi can give you just that–at any volume level!

Located in the hear of one of the world’s most diverse cities, it is no surprise that Eye Design treats clients of all skin tones and ethnic backgrounds! Our founder and Master Tech Nadia developed an expert method for mixing classic black lash extensions with brown lashes for clients with fair skin and/or blonde hair.

Tip: Nadia recommends brown lashes, or a mix of black and brown, for those with lots of freckles. Brown lashes (or the combination of black and brown lashes) are especially flattering on these clients!

All Eye Design clients are welcome to try our brown lash extensions or the black-brown mix during their next full set. It creates softer, more subtle and more natural-looking results. (Even our exclusive Kim’s Effect lash set can be done in brown or black-brown!)

Ready for gorgeous, long-lasting lash extensions? Call (917) 300-0317 to learn more or to make an appointment with Aiperi for 20% off.