Want beautiful Eye Design brows on command? Looking for commitment-free results? Get excited, because our first-ever makeup products are launching soon!

First up is Eye Design’s premium Brow Pencil. Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, this first-of-its-kind makeup product has been tested over several months to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and performance. (If you have ever met Nadia and her team of technicians, then you already know that we are all perfectionists!)

Nadia worked with leading manufacturers to develop the ideal formulas for brow makeup products. It was her goal to bring you beautiful Eye Design results with the convenience of traditional makeup.

With its waxy texture, our Eyebrow Pencil creates a powdery eyebrow effect (just like our studio’s signature semi-permanent brow technique known as Powder Effect), which has a polished finish but still looks very natural–perfect for everyday use!

Many brow pencils that are on the market are uncomfortable to use and can break easily. Other formulas can be dark and unnatural, giving the entire face a really harsh look. Eye Design’s Brow Pencil will never break or look harsh, even after heavy use.

For an ultra-natural look, our pencil is strong enough to use for coloring the hairs only, without ever touching the skin. The unique wax-like formula also helps hold the natural brow hairs in place.

The Pencil itself has a beautiful design, created especially for brow work because it has a brush on the opposite end. This brush helps work the makeup through the natural hairs.

We opted for a thick pencil because our formula was developed to create a powder effect. In the morning, it will take you five minutes or less to boost your brows using our Pencil. The best part? You never have to sharpen it! Just twist it up to release more product. It is easy to use and travel-friendly. (Tip: Keep one at home and one in your bag!)

To use our Eyebrow Pencil, Nadia recommends starting from the center and working outwards. You will need to create very small strokes using light pressure. Little by little, work towards the tail, then you can go back to the beginning to keep the brows looking as natural as possible. Add more layers by repeating these steps if you want a bolder look.

Available in 3 stunning shades (Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown), our luxe Eyebrow Pencil adds volume and shine for a soft, powdery look. We carefully chose these three shades from a huge array of options. They are natural-looking and versatile. Makeup-lovers with any skin-tone-and-hair-color combo will find a shade that suits them perfectly!

Light Brown has ashy undertones for fair skin tones. Medium Brown has golden undertones for light, medium and dark skin tones. Dark Brown has universal neutral undertones that flatter all deep skin tones.

Which shade do you have your eyes on? The entire Eye Design team cannot wait for you to try our Brown Pencils and the rest of our makeup range! Products will start launching soon, so make sure you are following us on Instagram to be among the first to try them @nadia_afanaseva and @eye_design_ny!