Many cancer survivors experience hair loss, especially when it comes to their brows! Eye Design’s mission is to help every woman to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin–and this most definitely includes those with cancer- and alopecia-related hair loss. Check out the results from Nadia Afanaseva’s most recent client Manuela, who is a cancer survivor that experienced extreme brow loss.

For clients with cancer- or alopecia-related hair loss, microblading and other permanent makeup can be a life-changing experience. Even those with full natural brows before their illnesses often find that the hair does not grow back completely after recovery.

At Eye Design’s Fifth Avenue studio, our talented and experienced technicians see tons of clients who are experiencing extreme hair loss for a variety of reasons. Common reasons for eyebrow thinning include:

  • Cancer
  • Alopecia
  • Medication
  • Hormones
  • Age

Nadia Afanaseva, Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician, has many loyal clients with hair loss caused by cancer and alopecia. Recently, she launched her Eye Design Cares program, which gives these clients a chance at free services with Nadia herself! Although she would love to restore eyebrows for everyone who is experiencing an illness-related hair loss, Nadia’s studio time is extremely limited. 

(In addition to being Eye Design’s leading brow and lash artist, Nadia is our owner and founder. While she does work with clients in our studio several days a week, Nadia also spends a lot of her time tending to the business aspect of Eye Design.

Additionally, Nadia launched Eye Design University a few years ago, where students from all over the world come to learn her exclusive techniques. Nadia is Eye Design University’s lead instructor. She writes, develops and teaches all of our permanent makeup, brow and lash classes. So, most clients are required to book with Nadia approximately three months in advance.)

With clients who have experienced cancer- or alopecia-related hair loss in mind, Nadia introduced her Eye Design Cares program. Those interested in applying for a chance at complementary microblading services with Nadia (valued at $1,600) can complete our form by clicking here.

Microblading uses manual pigment application techniques to create the look of hyper-realistic hair strokes for clients with sparse brows. Of course, this can be due to an illness or medical condition, but it is also possible that the client has naturally sparse brows or sparseness due to over-plucking/over-waxing.

Earlier this year, Nadia showcased her new semi-permanent brow solution: Powder Strokes! Similar to microblading, Powder Strokes results in the look of hair strokes. However, Powder Strokes involves a machine tool for gentler pigment application. Unlike microblading, Powder Effect requires only five days of downtime and is safe and effective for all skin tones and skin types! (Traditional microblading is best suited for clients with normal to dry skin.)

Powder Strokes is also more versatile than microblading. Hair strokes can be ultra-sharp and crisp or soft and subtle; it all depends on the client’s personal preferences and skin type! This technique can also be used to cover old microblading or permanent makeup that has faded–microblading cannot.

Manuela, Nadia’s client who is a cancer survivor, chose Powder Strokes for her sparse and patchy brows. Now, her eyebrows look naturally full and frame her face perfectly! Powder Strokes restored not only her brows but also her confidence!

Are you recovering from cancer or experiencing hair loss due to alopecia? Click here to complete the Eye Design Cares form!