Find the key to success this year — whether you are in the beauty industry or not — with help from Eye Design founder and CEO Nadia Afanaseva.

Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is big on personal growth! She believes in constant development as both an artist *and* overall. One of her New Year’s resolutions is to continue on this journey — and she wants the entire Eye Design community to join her!

Unsure how to get started? Nadia recently shared her steps for personal growth on Instagram earlier this month. (Be sure to follow her @nadia_afanaseva so you never miss an update from the experts at Eye Design! Nadia frequently posts her personal and professional advice, as well as information on procedures, products and classes at our studio, in English and in her native Russian.)

First, Nadia shares the six rules she follows when formulating her wishes and goals — whether it is part of her new year’s resolutions or otherwise. She uses these rules to make wish cards that help her to manifest her goals.

  1. Nadia does not use any negative words! For example, she avoids words like “no,” “don’t” and “won’t.”
  2. She also recommends that, instead of describing your wishes/goals thoroughly, focus on the feelings you will experience when they come to fruition. 
  3. Always use the present tense and a positive direction when writing.
  4. Additionally, do not write anything that you do not want to happen!
  5. Write your goals as if you have already achieved them.
  6. You can use numbers, but not dates! For example, you can write “I want to have two Prada bags,” but there is no need to include a date by which you wish to have them.

In addition to creating your wish cards using the tips above, Nadia also encourages beauty professionals to follow these 10 pieces of advice she has formulated throughout her decade-long journey in the lash and permanent makeup industry.

  1. Focus on constantly growing and developing as a person.
  2. Then, focus on constantly growing as a professional and as a teacher. Today, there are so many training opportunities (online, free videos, exhibits, seminars, advanced trainings, forums and more)!
  3. Always be improving your quality of service.
  4. Always set the bar for yourself higher than others have set theirs.
  5. Find a mentor — whether it is someone in your field or not, you need someone trustworthy who can provide you with guidance when you need it.
  6. Learn related professions in addition to your own (such as psychology, accounting or finance) that will help support your business.
  7. Study trends and implement them in your work. Stay up to date on current events in the industry.
  8. Rest is just as important as hard work! Without it, you will never be successful as a master.
  9. Use only professional materials and equipment — on clients, on models and while practicing on artificial skin.
  10. In addition to all the artistry that goes into beauty services, you also need to learn safety regulations, such as the proper disinfection and sterilization techniques.

Will you be using Nadia’s steps for creating wish cards? Are you going to implement any of her professional advice into your work?

If you do not feel ready to begin on your own, Nadia and her team welcome you to join us for her very first business and personal development training! Call our Director of Classes Valeriya at (917) 708-8870 or email her at [email protected].