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Eye Design’s founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva is lucky to have a caring community of clients and followers that continues to grow day after day.

With such a passionate fanbase, full of both new and long-time fans, Nadia receives tons of questions regularly. She loves connecting with her community, chatting and answering any questions they may have — but as a CEO, she does not always have the time she wishes she could have to devote to her direct messages on Instagram. (Do you follow her @nadia_afanaseva? If not, head over there now for all the amazing content you have been missing!)

So that her clients and followers can remain knowledgeable about the procedures and services Nadia offers at her studio, Nadia decided to share the in-depth answers to her most frequently asked questions here on our studio blog!

Question: What is the difference between microblading and Powder Effect?

Answer: Both procedures are considered forms of permanent makeup/cosmetic tattooing. Using a manual pigment-application technique, microblading was developed to give the client a hyper-realistic hair-stroke effect. It is ideal for clients with naturally sparse, over-plucked or over-waxed brows.

Powder Effect uses a machine tool to give the client a pin-dot pigment application. This gives the client a gradient shaded makeup look, similar to one that he/she would create with makeup. Because of this, Powder Effect is best suited for those with medium to full natural brow hair looking for more volume, a stronger shape and enhanced definition.

Hybrid combines the two techniques for the most stunning results!

Q: What is the healing process like?

A: For long-lasting, ultra-crisp results, we recommend 7 days of dry healing for microblading/Hybrid and 3 days of dry healing for Powder Effect.

During this time, clients should not have any moisture on the brow area — including water, sweat, steam and skincare/makeup products. Eye Design recommends using a makeup wipe or micellar water on a cotton round to wash your face during this time. To protect your brows from UV rays, limit sun exposure and wear a hat outside. Avoid intense workouts that involve heavy sweating for the full healing period.

Q: Do I really need a 4- to 6-week touch-up?

A: While the Eye Design team will not force you to come back for a touch-up, we highly encourage one within three months of your initial microblading or permanent makeup procedure (ideally in 4 to 6 weeks).

In addition to giving you longer-lasting results, the touch-up appointment can be used to perfect or enhance any part of your new brows! Clients who only had microblading done at their initial appointment can choose to add Powder Effect at their touch-up and vice versa.

Q: Does it hurt?

A: Eye Design’s technicians use a combination of gentle techniques and topical anesthetics (numbing creams) to ensure all clients are comfortable throughout their microblading or permanent makeup procedures.

Q: What is the difference between the technician levels?

A: All of Eye Design’s technicians are highly skilled, have years of experience and are trained by Nadia herself! However, each level has a different set of responsibilities.

The Master Technician Nadia is also the CEO of the company, so her time in the studio is limited. 

Senior Technicians are available much more than Nadia, but have instructor obligations at Eye Design University, so they also have limited studio time.

Advanced Technicians are reserved solely for our clients in the studio and are available six days a week!

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: Simply call our friendly and informed staff at (917) 300-0317 for a free phone consultation and help scheduling your visit with Eye Design.