Kim’s Effect is the hottest way to wear eyelash extensions in the beauty industry, but did you know there are countless ways to style this one technique? Eye Design’s CEO Nadia Afanaseva is credited with bringing Russian Volume lash techniques to the United States. Today, she is breaking down the most popular Kim’s Effect styles for the Eye Design community!

Eye Design’s Fifth Avenue studio is famous for our signature Kim’s Effect lash extensions. Developed by our founder and Master Technician Nadia Afanaseva, Kim’s Effect combines Russian Volume with classic lash application. The results? Beautiful density near the lash line and a soft, wispy look near the brow bone.

Everything we do at Eye Design is customized to our clients as individuals. Eye Design technicians are true artists who create customized lash and brow looks for their clients every single day! Kim’s Effect is no exception to Eye Design’s individualistic approach to beauty.

So that we have something to suit every Kim’s Effect client, Nadia designed more than five methods for styling it, including the Original look, the Modern look, the Delicate look, the Airy look, the Kylie look and the Fluttery look.

Each of the six looks can be customized further to better suit the individual client’s eye shape. Clients can choose from popular shapes, such as Natural, Cat and Doll or more advanced lash shapes like Bambi, Fox and Queen. (If you are ever unsure which look would be best for you, remember that your Eye Design lash tech is an expert who can always help you choose the most flattering style and shape.)

The Original Kim’s Effect look uses varied length throughout to achieve stunning results, while the other five options follow this same basic idea, they differ slightly to meet clients’ needs.

Clients and technicians alike love the Modern look, which combines 2D and 3D volume for intense, jaw-dropping lashes. On the other hand, the Delicate look combines 1D and 3D volume for softer results. The Airy look also involves 1D and 3D volume, but in different proportions so that results are more subtle.

Earlier this year, Nadia debuted the Kylie look, also known at our studio as “the Snapchat effect.” It is arguably the most dramatic of the six Kim’s Effect styles. With 2D and 3D volume, the Kylie look is an even more intense take on the Modern look!

Advanced artists can create the Fluttery look; it includes 1D, 2D and 3D volume for results that are equal parts natural-looking and show-stopping! The Fluttery look incorporates everyday wearability with red carpet glamour and is one of our studio’s most-loved lash styles.

When it comes to the overall shape of your lash look, Eye Design has so much to offer. Our technicians are equipped with the knowledge they need to achieve more than 10 different shapes!

  • Natural: Following your natural hairs, individual lashes start small and become longer towards the middle and outer corners before becoming shorter again.
  • Cat: One of the most coveted looks for eyelashes, Cat starts small and becomes longer towards the outer corners.
  • Round: For an eye-opening shape, choose Round! It features long lashes in the middle, which gradually become shorter towards the inner and outer corners.
  • Doll: Think of Doll as a more intense version of the Round shape. With extra-long lashes in the middle of the eyes, they quickly become shorter at the very inner and very outer corners.
  • Dramatic: This lash shape follows your natural lash hairs, but becomes much longer at the center before becoming shorter again at the outer corners.
  • Honeybee: Especially flattering on Asian eyes, Honeybee is the longest at the center and inner corners, then becomes shorter towards the outer corners.
  • Fox: Similar to Cat, Fox starts with short lashes in the inner corner then lashes gradually become longer towards the center. Lashes quickly shorten at the outer corners.
  • Bambi: A subtler take on Fox, Bambi features a more gradual transition from short to long then short again.
  • Sexy: For an extra-smoldering cat-eye appearance, you will want to choose Sexy. This shape includes long lashes at the center and outer corners with shorter lashes in the inner corners.
  • Queen: Eye Design’s newest lash shape is fit for royalty! It features long lashes throughout almost the entire eye, with shorter lashes at the very inner and very outer corners.

How will you make Kim’s Effect your own? Our team cannot wait to create a custom look for you at your next Eye Design appointment!

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